Centre for Lung Health

CLH is a multi-site inter-disciplinary environment for excellence and collaboration focussed on integrated prevention, clinical care, research and training in respiratory health, driven by the needs of patients and communities at risk.

The Centre for Lung Health aims to prevent the development of lung disease among the general population, detect respiratory disease earlier, and treat illness more effectively. The Centre’s cutting-edge techniques span the spectrum from basic to applied methods and applications, allowing us to link respiratory research to clinical practice in strategic and innovative ways. Our researchers integrate perspectives on prevention, clinical care, research, and training in respiratory health. The needs of individuals and communities at risk, as well as those already impacted by lung disease, drive the Centre’s priorities.

The Centre’s focus on lung health includes asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, COVID-19, environmental and occupational lung disease, interstitial lung disease, knowledge translation, lung cancer, lung transplant, neurocritical care, outcomes evaluation, pulmonary hypertension, sleep-disordered breathing, smoking and vaping, and tuberculosis. Transdisciplinary approaches to illuminating these conditions include investigation of underlying causes and mechanisms, novel and improved diagnostics and treatments, population-based outcomes and impacts, health literacy, and optimizing implementation of proven tests and interventions. Our research spans the spectrum from prevention through early detection to late disease. Investigators commit to integrated knowledge mobilization partner with patients, care providers, and others concerned about lung diseases. They work proactively with community groups, government, industry, not-for-profit agencies and professional associations to ensure the research is relevant and impactful.


To be the world leader in patient-centred prevention, treatment and care of lung disease through an integrated health-driven program of wellness, clinical care, research, and training.


CLH is one of 15 research centres and programs within the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. Our expanded vision aspires to transform research, care, and learning through collaboration and integration.