Professional Development & Training

The Centre for Lung Health supports learning and professional development for researchers, clinicians, and trainees at all levels. This includes graduate and postdoctoral research training, medical training, professional development, and continuing medical education. The Centre for Lung Health resources for professional development and training are designed to equip researchers, clinicians, and trainees with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their respective fields, and to make significant contributions to the advancement of lung health.

Graduate and postdoctoral research training
Medical Training

Undergraduate Medical Student Rotations  

  • Main Contacts: Beaudoin/Basi
  • Organized through the home program curriculum
  • Students will develop skills related to clinical presentation, investigations and diagnoses, therapeutics, and prevention of respiratory conditions.
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UBC Respirology Fellowship Program  

  • Main Contacts: Kirkpatrick/Basi
  • The training program emphasizes a progressive increase in responsibility for patient care during the training period.
  • The training program typically accepts 3-4 new fellows each academic year.
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Respirology Rotations for Medical Residents  

  • Neurocritical Care (Main Contact: Griesdale)
  • Asthma
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
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Advanced Training in Respiratory Medicine  

  • BC Pulmonary Hypertension Fellowship program (Main Contact: Swiston)
  • Critical Care fellowship (Main Contact: Sekhon)
  • Sleep Disorder Medicine – Accredited Area of Focus Competence (Main Contact: Fleetham)
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