Dr. Christopher F. Rider – PhD


Research Associate, Respiratory Medicine, UBC


Chris completed a Ph.D. at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Medicine supervised by Drs. Robert Newton and Mark Giembycz. His Ph.D. work focused on corticosteroid/glucocorticoid resistance and how this could be ameliorated with long acting beta2-adrenoceptor agonists, in the context of asthma and COPD. Chris is applying his expertise with in vitro epithelial cell models to examine how air pollution alters immune responses in COPD and asthma, examining effects on DNA methylation, miRNA and gene expression.

Through collaborations with researchers in the Tebbutt and Kobor labs at UBC, he is leveraging his bioinformatics and R skills to analyse multiomics data collected from clinical trials completed in the Carlsten lab. When not in the lab or at a computer, Chris enjoys running, sailing, kayaking, camping, and snowboarding.

Areas of interest:

Air pollution; Asthma; Bioinformatics; COPD; DNA methylation; Epithelial Cells; Inhaled Corticosteroids

Contact info:

Air Pollution Exposure Laboratory (APEL)