Dr. Jeremy Road – BSc, MD, FRCPC


Professor, Respiratory Medicine, UBC


Dr. Road is a Professor at the Division of Respiratory Medicine and a Respirologist at Vancouver Hospital and UBC. In addition, he is the Medical Director of the Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program and the UBC Hospital Lung Function Laboratory. His main areas of research are the study of the respiratory muscles and the control of breathing. The overall research direction is towards understanding how the respiratory muscles, especially the diaphragm, contract under various imposed conditions. The research therefore also involves the control of breathing as the patterns of diaphragmatic contraction are controlled by neural pathways. We have the ability to support breathing for many people who have weakened breathing muscles; his interest is to optimize this support and to investigate into best practice and improvement in health-related quality of life. He has published more than 145 peer-reviewed articles and has served as a reviewer of various scientific journals (BMC Pulmonary Medicine, CHEST, Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, Journal of Physiology, Journal of Applied Physiology and more).

Areas of interest:

Chronic neuromuscular disorders; COPD; Sleep-disordered breathing

Contact info:

CLH Clinic Phone: 604-875-4122
CLH Clinic Fax: 604-875-4695

UBC Sleep Disorders Phone: 604-822-7606
UBC Sleep Disorders Fax: 604-822-9744